Parabellum Collection

4 Card Wallet Navy with TrackR Location Technology


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  • - Free Range Bison, Hand Skived Leather, Hand Turned Edges, Calf Skin Lining
  • - Extremely thin profile with 4 channel cut card slots and one full sized billfold comfortably fits in front or back pocket
  • - Never loose your wallet again.
  • - Bluetooth, GPS, Crowdsourcing technology by TrackR uses a custom Parabellum App to help prevent loss and theft.
  • - When separated from your phone by 100 feet, wallet and phone both beep and a GPS pin of that location is initiated. If wallet is not found at that point, then when any other TrackR device passes within 100 feet of it you are notified.
  • - Within a 100 foot radius, you can use your phone to make your wallet beep, or your wallet to make your phone ring. Never loose either around the house or office again.
  • - Limited Edition (100 Pieces)
  • - 9 cm x 9 cm ships July 1