Parabellum Collection


the very architecture of our universe is the struggle between opposites, with everything that we know and love resting on a tenuous crux between these frequent extremes. And, sometimes it seems like everyone is so hung up on defining them. Good or bad, strong or weak, love or hate, east or west, intention or result. As we look around the world at all of the bad stuff that people do, the natural order is to grow pessimistic and lethargic, resigned to be jaded and dispassionate passengers on a train to oblivion.

But, just like that and all of a sudden, we remember who we used to be, and we say enough! we jump off of that train and we forge our own path again no matter how slow the going nor how rough the terrain. We find ourselves breathing the freshest air that we’ve ever breathed on a big mountain hike in the green growth of spring; or on a fast desert ride with the dirty city a fading memory on that chopper that we always dreamed of when we were a kid. All of a sudden and just like that the world seems absolutely perfect in every way, everything is young and fresh and once again we are free.

And after it all, maybe we are lucky enough to realize that we needed some pessimism to appreciate our optimism, that good can also be bad, that bad can be good, and that the opposite of everything is both something and nothing all at once. And that is when we finally understand that wisdom finds us when we find the balance in it all. The space between the lines.

We are a couple guys from different places who share the same city and a dream bigger than comfort or convenience. We understand the absolutes of this world all too well, and we reject them absolutely. Our road is new and untraveled. This majestic journey that we call PARABELLUM began in 2008 and will last till we are dead and buried. Its soul lives in the best of what was, its mind in the promise of what will be and its heart always in righteous intention.

Can you make the finest Leather Goods in the world in a town known for making make-believe?
Can you forge your own path without copying the ingenuity of others? Can you do it with your friends and without connections? Can you put together a brigade of creatives, business people, artisans and master craftsmen, individuals of exceptional skill and burning genius who don’t work for the man and never would? Can you mix the best of the old world with the promise of what is new? Would you help to restore some honor to the most majestic animal on the continent? Would you join with the other dreamers who are willing its return? Will you have the patience and the values to follow a more humane and responsible course? Will you do your part, even if it seems inconsequential, to help leave this world just a tiny bit better than the way that you found it? Will you join us as we try?